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These terms and conditions apply to:


These terms and conditions set the contractual relations between TONE BLISS and the Customer, whether the Customer is a business, a company or an indivisual.

TONE BLISS reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time. In such case, the applicable terms and conditions will be those in force at the date of the Customer's purchase order.


All prices for products shipped to Continental France and to Europe are listed in EUROs, all taxes included, and excluding order processing and shipping fees.

All prices for products shipped to non-continental French territories ('DOM-TOM') and outside Europe are listed in EUROs, all taxes excluded, and excluding order processing and shipping fees. Payment of VAT and / or customs duties must be done by the Customer directly to the local tax authorities and / or local customs.

TONE BLISS reserves the right to modify its prices at any time. The applicable price will be the price in force at the date of reception of the purchase order for payments by credit card or wire transfer or Paypal, provided the product is available at the afore-mentioned date. For payments by check, the applicable price will be the price in force at the date of reception of the purchase order and will be valid 4 (four) business days after this date. Should a VAT change occur, this VAT change can be reflected by TONE BLISS on the price of their products and / or services.

All purchase orders, whatever their origin, must be paid in EUROs.

The ordered products stay the property of TONE BLISS until the full price has been cashed by TONE BLISS.


The Customer who wants to purchase a product or service must:

  1. Duly fill the Purchase Order and provide all necessary information for the shipment (including acces codes to enter the Customer's building, if necessary).
  2. and duly pay the total price in accordance to the terms and conditions listed on the purchase order.
  3. and date, sign and send the purchase order to TONE BLISS
TONE BLISS will send by email the confirmation that the purchase order has been registered.

TONE BLISS will not be held responsible for consequences which are not under TONE BLISS's control, including but not limited to Force Majeure events, and which could delay or prevent the reception of the purchase order.

The purchase order can be canceled by TONE BLISS for any reason TONE BLISS deems applicable, including and not limited to the failure by the Customer to provide correct shipping instructions. In such case, the Customer will be informed by TONE BLISS.


Our products and prices are valid as long as they are visible on the www.tonebliss.com World Wide Web site (the 'Web Site') and these products are available in our stocks.

In case of unavailability, the purchased product delivery (EX-WORKS Incoterm) lead time is 30 business days. The purchased product will be shipped when it is available. Our offers are subject to the availability of our suppliers' components. In case the product is unavailable after the afore-mentioned lead time, TONE BLISS will inform you by email as soon as possible. The Customer will then be entitled to cancel the purchase order by sending his request to TONE BLISS, 1 résidence Ker Ganifet, 22300 PLOULECH, FRANCE, stating his purchase order number, name, surname, shipping address and reason (for example: 'unavailability of the purchased product').

Shipments are processed once the purchase order is received and the complete agreed price is cashed by TONE BLISS.
For payments by check, in case of partial or complete unavailability of the order after the afore-mentioned lead time, the total amount of the purchase order will be paid back to the Customer -at TONE BLISS's choice- either by wire transfer to the account of the Customer, or by check within 30 (thirty) business days after the purchase order has been cashed.


5.1 General

The Customer commits to provide in the purchase order all the necessary infomation to ensure the shipment and its completion. Among other information, the Customer must provide a phone number and ensure he is reachable during business hours.

The Customer commits, for himself or for the addressee, to pick up the parcels at the address he mentioned in the purchase order. The Customer agrees to provide a proof of his identity if requested by the shipping agent.

The shipment does not include the commissioning of the product.

5.2 - Shipment problems

It is the Customer's responsibility to verify the conformity of the products upon shipment and note any exceptions or errors on the bill of lading, if applicable. If such exceptions or errors have not been noted by the Customer, TONE BLISS will not be held responsible for any problem with the purchased products. In case one or several parcels are missing upon shipment, no back-reshipment nor reimbursement will be done by TONE BLISS.
In case such exceptions or errors have been noted by the Customer (missing parcel, damaged parcel), the Customer must inform TONE BLISS by email at sales@tonebliss.com within 2 (two) business days. Passed this delay, TONE BLISS will not launch any action.


Before any return of goods, the Customer must send his request by email to sales@tonebliss.com and have received the agreement of TONE BLISS. Any return of goods must be done in its original packaging and must include all accessories and user guides initially shipped. No reimbursement will be done if the goods are returned incomplete or if they show evidence of wear and / or tear. The return of goods is done by, under the responsibility, and at the expenses of the Customer. The Customer should therefore insure the return shipment against the value of the returned goods.
In case of non-conformity of the shipment, TONE BLISS will bear the cost of the return of goods upon presentation of the return shipment's invoice.


The payment can be done at the Customer's choice:

TONE BLISS reserves the right to refuse a shipment to, or cancel a purchase order issued by, a Customer who has not fully paid a former purchase order or with whom a payment issue has not been solved.


Pursuant to article L121-16 of the French 'Code de la consommation', a non-business Customer can return his goods within seven days after the shipment has been received and request the exchange or the reimbursement of his goods , without any penalty except for the cost of returning the goods and the initial shipment cost (at a minimum of 22 EUROs) which will both be paid by the customer. The return of goods must be done in their original package, in perfect condition, with all accessories and user guides initially shipped. Goods returned incomplete or damaged or torn or worn or used will not be accepted, and will be shipped back to the Customer at his own expenses.

The Customer should first inform TONE BLISS by email at sales@tonebliss.com, explain the reason for returning the goods, and request a return number which should be clearly labeled on the return parcel. Any parcel received without this label will be refused.

In case of reimbursement, the back payment will be completed with 30 business days after the returned goods have been received by TONE BLISS. The reimbursement will be done at TONE BLISS's choice, either by wire transfer to the Customer's account, or by check to the Customer's name and shipping address.


The proposed products conform to the French law and to norms applicable in France. Photographs, texts, pictures, information and specifications relative to these products are not contractual. Hence, TONE BLISS will not be responsible in case of error or omission in one of these photographs, texts, pictures, information or specifications or in case these have been modified by TONE BLISS's suppliers. Should you have questions about TONE BLISS products, feel free to send your questions to contact@tonebliss.com.

An obvious error of the published price, such as a nil price or a price equal to zero, as well as a price which does not correspond to market prices will allow TONE BLISS to cancel the purchase order without any compensation whatsoever.

TONE BLISS will not be held responsible for non-performance or delivery delays due to Force Majeure events such as, and not limited to: total or partial strike of postal services or freight forwarders or shipping agents, disasters caused by floods or fires. For business customers, TONE BLISS will not be held responsible for any direct or indirect operating losses, profit losses, damages, fees, compensations due to Force Majeure events.

The choice and the purchase of a product or service are under the sole responsibility of the Customer. The partial or total impossibility to use the products due to compatibility problems with third-party products or services will not give right to any compensation, reimbursement and will not engage TONE BLISS's responsibility, except in case of a product non-confomity, a product defect or in case the Customer wishes to return the goods during the period of withdrawal.


TONE BLISS products are covered by a warranty of 2 (two) years, parts and labor included, except for the electonic tubes, the transformers and the loudspeakers which are covered by a warranty of 3 (three) months. This warranty does not cover loudspeakers whose coil have been damaged due to a power overload or a shock. Before returning the goods, the Customer must send his request to sales@tonebliss.com, receive a formal agreement from TONE BLISS and ship the goods to TONE BLISS at his own expenses.

No freight forwarding will be accepted. TONE BLISS will repair and send back the repaired goods to the Customer at TONE BLISS's expenses. The warranty is void if the product has been misused, or has been repaired or modified by a non-authorized technician.

In order to use the warranty, the Customer must provide a copy of the purchase order or the invoice. The warranty starts on the date the goods have been shipped by TONE BLISS. The warranty does not cover:


The present contract is governed by the laws of France. The language of the present contract is English. Users agree that any action, suit, or proceedings arising from or related to the use of these contractual terms and conditions shall be brought exclusively in the court of Saint Brieuc, FRANCE, without regard to choice of law or conflicts of law provisions.


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