Frequently asked questions

  1. How is Tone Bliss born ?

    At the very start, two guitar-lovers and a fact: very few tube amps have both the tone of their legendary, inspirational models, and certain functionalities which have become today 'must-have's (power reduction, channel switching etc...). The idea to design such an amp started to grow. First for our own needs.
    A few months later, a question started to point out: why not propose these amps to others ? Bingo ! If you want to learn more about us, just click here.

  2. What makes Tone Bliss amps so special ?

    First of all, our products are 100% hand-made following state-of-the-art practices : turret-board mounting, bus-based grounding schemes, silver soldering etc...
    Second, our amps are also designed to be beautiful objects. In addition to our Standard version, with its wide range of tolex finishes, we propose a Deluxe version: solid-oak, finger-jointed, waxed, oiled or varnished cab. The objective is to combine tonal and visual pleasure into a long-lasting object.

  3. How are your products designed ?

    We don't produce clones. Some others already do that very well.
    Some amps shine out, some others don't. Our approach consists in selecting those models which shaped the history of Rock & Roll, and then improve them or make them more versatile.
    Same approach for our stompboxes. Actually, our first stompbox project combines a well-known fuzz with an even better-known boost.

  4. Is Tone Bliss a ‘boutique’ manufacturer ?

    No. Tone Bliss neither does mass-production.
    Our goal is rather to design our own models (see point 3.), and then adjust and fine-tune them through extensive testing.
    This approach might seem tedious, but we don't compromise with quality. For instance, we test several suppliers or models for each component, which allows us to progressively select the best fit. This would not be possible with a 'boutique' manufacturer, who cannot afford to test during several months or years a customized amp which will be sold only once. For example, our amps use up to 5 types of different resistors depending on the function associated with each of them.

  5. Why do you propose only amp heads ?

    The type of loudspeaker, the type of cab (opened, semi-opened, closed) and the cab dimensions greatly influence the resulting tone. And a combo naturally freezes some of these parameters. We prefer to let the user select his cab to fit his very own taste.
    Now, that doesn't mean we will never propose combos in the future. If we do, it will only be in addition to amp heads.

  6. You don't propose any 'hi-power' amp: why ?

    First of all, the volume perceived with a tube amp is much larger than with a transistor amp. An 18W tube amp is large enough to play in a bar or on a medium-sized stage.
    Second, if you play on larger stages, these are generally equipped with a PA system. Using your little cherished amp and miking it is far more convenient than moving around 100W full-stacks.
    Finally, a tube amp sounds best when pushed. And pushing a 12W or 18W amp is much easier (and safer for your ears) than with a 100W stack.
    By the way, most of our amps feature a switch which reduces the output power to about 4W. You'll then be able to push your amp without disturbing the whole neighborhood.

  7. Where can I buy your amps ?

    We sell directly to our end-customers, without using a distribution network.
    This enables a one-to-one relationship between you and us throughout the whole cycle: from defining the amp which best suits you, to delivering it.

  8. I'd like to have more information. Where can I find it ?

    Contact email <tb />Just contact us directly.

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