Planet'Live studios, next to Paris, are now equipped with Crunch Machine amps. A great environment with cutting-edge equipment, favored by top-musicians ( probably the best place on earth to test our amps...

Mana Guera

Mana Guera with the Sparkle on the main stage during the latest music festival in Lannion


Tone Bliss on stage with a Crunch Machine for Lableue Guitare during the "Rockeurs ont du Coeur" festival at Perros-Guirec !

Tone Bliss : where tone meets visual beauty

The Moon-Boots were on stage with Tone Bliss during their latest performance at the "Havana Café" in Lannion, France : thanks to Iolo's riffs, the Crunch Machine scored again !

The recipe for true tone ? There is nothing like good old tubes…

Guitar instructor Philippe Brunel testing the Crunch Machine

"That amp has a huge dynamic response, that's what every guitarist is looking for"

P. Brunel

Solid oak & hand-made finger-joints : a Tone Bliss amp is more than just an amp. It’s a piece of art.

The ultimate setup: your favorite guitar, a Tone Bliss amp, your fingers.

Nothing more, nothing less.

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