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Derived from a renown mid-60's British tone monster, the Sparkle offers that unmistakable EL84 cathode bias tone, along with both a vintage-sounding channel and a deliberately modern-sounding channel.

  • The Classic channel, with its low-gain design, delivers a smooth, full, articulate tone.
  • The Heavy channel, with its Ecstasy-inspired 3-stage preamp section, brings you into 'high-gain' territory. This channel offers a wide range of modern tones and massive distortion levels.
The Sparkle also allows you to choose your rectifier mode and the ouptut power, to fully take advantage of the 'tube' tone even at home. Additionally, a general Cut control lets you fine-tune the brilliance of the amp.

  • Output power: 18W or 4W (switchable)
  • Preamp: 3 x 12AX7
  • Power amp: 2 x EL84
  • Rectifier: EZ81 or solid-state (switchable)
  • Classic channel controls: Boost, Tone, Volume
  • Heavy channel controls: Gain, Volume, Tone
  • General Cut control
  • Output impedance : 4, 8 and 16 ohms
  • Footswitch
  • More details
  • User Guide Sparkle User Guide

Scroll over the faceplate, far below, for more info on each control.
faceplate Sparkle

Rectifier mode

The power switch allows you to choose between Tube mode and Solid-state mode. The tube mode generates a smotth compression also known as 'sag', while the Solid-state mode gives a stiffer feel.

Power indicator

Power selection

The Standby switch allows you to choose from 2 output power levels: Stage (maximum output power: 18W) or Home (maximum output power: 4W). Tube amps give the best when they are pushed. With the Home mode, you can therefore push the amps while staying at bedroom / home volume levels.


Controls the high-end spectrum of the amp.


The Bright switch boosts the high-end of the Rock channel, independently of the tonestack. An easy way to add some chime to a humbucker pickup.


The Tone control of the Heavy channel is very progressive and keeps a perfect balance between middle and bass.


Allows you to fine-tune the gain level, and hence the preamp drive of the Heavy channel.


Controls the volume of the Heavy channel. By adjusting the Gain and Volume controls, you will easily find the mix of pream distortion / poweramp overdrive that is right for you..

Channel switch

Active channel indicator

The indicator is on (red) when the Heavy channel is active.


Adds a significant level boost to the Classic channel. When the Volume is set at the edge of breakup, the Boost switch will add a definite crunch.


As for the Heavy channel, the Tone control of the Classic channel is very progressive and keeps a perfect balance between middle and bass.


Controls the volume of the Classic channel, as well as the poweramp drive level. Above a certain threshold, the Volume control mainly acts on the overdrive level generated by the power tubes.


Input jack for your guitar cable.

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Many thanks to Pascal for making these recording sessions a true pleasure.
Meet him with his 2 bands: La Bleue Guitare and Suad & Blue

Looking for a warm, vintage, articulate tone ? But also a modern touch and some heavy grind ?

The Sparkle is the answer.

And beware : its modest power of 18 watts is quite misleading...
This little beast can really scream !

  • Sparkle Standard : 1375 Euros
  • Sparkle Deluxe: on request

All the available finishes for the standard version are available here !

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